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Угарная игрушка!

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Hi guys just wanted to let you guys know I really enjoyed your demo and I did a review of it on my Youtube channel . It was great and alot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it coming out on steam. Congratulations on getting Steam Greenlight, the game sure deserves it. Now hurry up and get it released so you can take my money :).

Thanks! Great video! We are trying to release early access version within 2 weeks. This will not be a full game, but much larger than demo :)

Dwarflings released on Steam!

You can also try our Bunnyrama Demo :)

Please email us: I was not able to find any contacts on your youtube channel :)


Good luck with Greenlight, I played the demo and made a video. Looking forward to see the other dwarfs. :)

Thanks! Very good review. We'd like to add it to our Greenlight page if you don't mind?

Hey! Of course, please, add it to Greenlight. I hope it helps getting more votes in. :)

Thanks! I also sent you email :) Let me know if you would like to get prerelease version.

You got mail. ;)